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1953 MG TD I am a member of the Grand Strand British Car Club, and the owner of a 1953 MG TD. It has become necessary for me to offer this beautiful car for sale, so I am reaching out to other Club members with this opportunity, before attempting to sell the vehicle on the open market.
The previous owner of my car purchased the TD in 1953 new and had kept this car in his collection of antique vehicles. He had been offered several collectable cars and needed room in his facility to except these new antique vehicles. He therefore found a high-end seller to purchase a part of his available collection. This dealer put the MG TD for sale in its showroom, and I purchased it.
Last important note concerning the 1953 TD is the car offered has been completely gone over and given an A+. This is a complete vehicle with no modifications. Original mileage is listed at 4,808 original miles verified by the previous owner.
Asking price for this 1953 MG TD is $29,900. Please contact me with any questions or to request additional information. Phone 610-209-9916 or Keith Fishlinger (2/22)



1962 MGA MKII convertible 54K miles. Not running. White with black interior. Stored indoors on dollies since ~2000. Was running well when last driven, but has been sitting in my garage for 20+ years. Includes side curtains, convertible top and repair manuals. Asking $17,000. Contact Steve at 203.415.9264.


1968 MGB Greg Stak is selling his 1968 MGB. Email Greg 203-415-8440


1969 MGB PARTS CAR for sale, motor is free, 95% there $450.00 Tonneau covers, with headrest pockets: Black canvas, nice original one with a few patches, $250, black, vinyl good condition $150.00, black top boot cover $200.00. Original style hardtop, black, with hardware $750. Roy Jordan, 203- 521-4159


1969 MGB for sale, Primrose yellow - older paint - interior is essentially original and in good condition - Moss Motors wind screen - no convertible top or frame - aftermarket (older) black vinyl hardtop - new starter and battery - second owner (20 years) - knew original owners - securely stored each winter - regularly serviced and maintained by Britain's Automotive in Branford - odometer reads 112 - TMU - asking $7500. Contact Greg for further information.


1973 MGB convertible, green. It has been through a lot since I owned it. First I had a mechanic do over $4000.00 work making it road safe. He removed some odd carburetor and put twin SU s on set them perfectly. The car is 48yrs old and runs like new. New aluminum radiator, alternator, tires and wheels, complete brake do over. All new parts front and rear, clutch slave and master cylinders, brake master cylinder, 12 volt battery conversion, cut off switch, ignition switch. I pretty much did the 100.000 replacements. I am of the mileage but the odometer reeds 77 thousand. I’m asking $5000.00. I quest the biggest thing is wiring. I’m not an auto electrician and far from rewiring which if I keep it that’s my next job. Figure out the wiring head lights, brake lights and signal lights all work. (8/21)


1975 MGB 1800 MG eng.4 spd trans. with electric O/D. 2255mi. on rebuilt eng. 1904 mi. on new trans. and O/D from Quantum Mechanics. Minilite wheels with new cooper tires installed in June 2020. Aluminum head with headers and stainlesssteel exhaust. Spare 4spd trans and two spare cast iron heads. Rubber bumpers removed and Sebring fairings installed. has 16 gal. touring tank. Many extra parts and manuals plus original BL shop manual. $6000.00. contact me at 860-389-5270 or e-mail me at


MG Midget I am looking to sell my midget. I would be willing to give someone a good deal. 36K miles, two owners. Needs a tune up and some TLC. Asking $3000. Please contact John


1977 MGB CAR I am currently looking for a new home for my 1977 MG B. After I moved for work, I no longer have the room to keep working on the MG (I am in West Hartford). I am in the middle of body work and prepping for paint. Over the past few years, I got the MG running and driving well enough to keep putting time towards the project. Please contact Glenn Levesque


1978 MG Midget Yellow. Runs & drives; currently insured and registered in Westbrook. Visit the club website for photos. I need the room for a ’59 Bugeye restoration. Please make an offer. Contact Ron at 869-399-5002. Contact Ron Renko


1980 MGB LIMITED: Car is in very good condition and runs great. Asking $2500.00. If interested you can contact me by e-mail at mysticteach@tvcconnect .com.



I have this MCG from the original owner that I’m selling: kept in a barn for 30 years. The original owner bought it new from the Nelke Motor Company in Hamden, CT. I have some spare parts that possibly can go with it. Got it running! Asking $10,500. Photos available on the CT MG Club website and Facebook. Contact Dennis


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Parts for Sale

Parts and Manuals for 1979 --1980 MGB
1979 - 1980 MGB
Moss retail prices listed. Items new in box: 50% off
Bentley Shop Manual ($104)
Haynes Shop Manual ($36)
MG by McComb ($30)
Zenith Stromberg mixture tool ($10)
Brake adjuster wrench ($14)
Air filter element (10)
Air Pump filter element ($20)
Oil filler cap ($5)
Oil Filter element (three for $21)
Oil Filter Head ($100)
Temp sending unit ($12)
Thermostat (used for $7)
Thermostatic Fan Switch ($55)
Heater Water Valve (used for $10)
Accelerator cable ($14)
Gulp Valve ($110)
Brake rebuild kit – pads, shoes, springs ($100)
Right Rear Dog Leg Body Panel ($70)
Distributor Cap and Rotor ($16)
Ignition coil (used for $20)
Head Lamp ($10)
Head Lamp switch ($13)
Wood MG shift knob ($40)
Floor Mats ($90)
Fuel Tank Sending Unit ($43)
Windshield Frame w/ Glass (ebay $225)
Misc bulbs (12) ($12)
Contact Peter 203 746 2716



Parts Wanted


Cars Wanted


1970 - 1974 MGB or BGT in need of an engine, as I have a freshly rebuild '72 engine looking for a home. Looking for something with minimal rust, but ok if other work is needed. Brian - 203.641.5082

British Cars wanted, any condition, project cars, running or not. Ed Cooke 860-306-8066 or


1961 MGA Roadster Looking for sheet metal specialist to assist in restoration of body and frame. Will haul to your shop or work in mine. Car located in Groton, CT. Please contact me at: